Who knows nothing
  1. Cahoots- The best word in the English language, by far. Underutilized in the zeitgeist, if used at all. #cahootstobringbackcahoots
  2. Fuck- Fun, flexible, a little dangerous. Fuck is like your favorite lady, but she's around whenever you need her.
  3. Mellifluous- Meaning, "a sound that is soothing to hear." Such as the sound of my own voice, which people keep telling me I love. The word itself is lovely to say and to hear, use generously!
  4. Melancholy- With the added bonus of being part of the title to a great Smashing Pumpkins LP, it's one of those words that is there to add dimension to emotion, or at least description of emotion, which is a lovely thing.
  5. Shenanigans- Any word that can only be associated with gentle whimsy is a must have in anyone's vocabulary.
  6. Gobshite- An Irish word for an idiot, or someone who says a lot of silly things. Also what my father thinks my name is.
  7. Serendipitous
    Suggested by @ChrisK