1. The Dakotas.
    Jus one big 'Kota baby.
  2. Nostrils
    Seriously think about it. It's not like the eyes where one is for depth perception. Just one would do fine, and then you wouldn't have to hold one side when you snorted... Nevermind.
  3. The Carolinas.
    We could divide South Carolina amongst the ravenous hordes of the rest of the southern states.
  4. Terrible New York Basketball Teams.
    We should combine he Knicks and the Nets and just have them be the Knets. It's still pronounced the same as the Brooklyn team though cause the k is silent. Like the g in lasagna. Or the woman in any good relationship. Kidding!
  5. Spider-Man franchises
    Wait... Mary Jane is Emma Stone now? But it's not Mary Jane? It's who? Why is Jamie Fox made of electricity? I'm out.