📲 REACTIONS: Millennial deletes dating apps.

I deleted my profile from every dating app I ever used (11). The reactions from my friends are exactly what you would think.
  1. Deleting your profile is very different than simply deleting the app. It makes it slightly harder to go back.
  2. Some were shocked.
  3. My friend Maria was curious as to what would lead me to make such a decision.
  4. It felt like it was coming from out of left field.
  5. Some were really shocked.
  6. One friend might have been more shocked than others.
  7. One called it for what it clearly was: a bombshell.
  8. Confusion was commonplace.
  9. Folks in my "How to Be Single" Textserv were expectedly perplexed.
  10. Some friends saw it as a potential sign for worry.
  11. A sign for legitimate concern. Like my friend Millie.
  12. My friend John offered some words of advice. And expressed his approval.
  13. And some saw it as the fulfillment of a Facebook status prank a co-worker pulled on me earlier in the week.
  14. One friend had a few guesses.
    Engaged AND married?! At the same time?!?!
  15. Others had their own stories to share.
  16. Some reactions were genuinely positive.
  17. And I learned that other folks are feeling the same dating app fatigue and doing the same thing I did.
  18. Only my friend Eric assumed his reaction would show up in something like this list.
  19. But my favorite? My friend Alex's response speaks for itself.