I know some of my followers don't care about basketball but keep these in your thoughts if any come true this March and think "wow stank was spot on!"
  1. Villanova bows out in the first, yes first, round
    Why not?? Why the fuck not?? Villanova is all but locked in to be a 1 seed in the East region and that is going to poise them in a game against one of the 16 seed play-ins. A 16 has NEVER beaten a 1 but by the law of averages it's gotta happen sooner or later. Why not this year? For those who know me, this will secure life-long bragging rights.
  2. All four 12 seeds will win their first round games
    12 seeds play the 5 seeds in the first round and Bracketology has Valparaiso, Monmouth, Yale, and Arkansas Little Rock as the 12's, so it may seem like a bit of a stretch, but all the 5's currently listed (Arizona, Iowa, Purdue, Iowa St) are unproven teams with question marks around each of them
  3. The Final Four does not consist of a power-5 team
    Power 5 conferences are Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, SEC, and ACC. This would mean no Michigan St, no Oklahoma, no Oregon, no Kentucky, no UNC/Duke/UVA. That opens the door for sleepers like Seton Hall, VCU, Wichita St, and Providence (not my predictions, just saying)
  4. A team from the American Athletic Conference makes a historic run
    The conference tournament for the AAC will be basketball's "Survivor" with only the tourny-winner being guaranteed a projected lock in the field of 64. Temple, Tulsa, Cincinnati, and UCONN will need to count on experience and leadership while a ghost team like Houston could shock us all on Sunday afternoon.
  5. That team will be Temple...and they will win the National Championship
    Temple loses in the final of the conference tournament and snags a 10 seed in the East. After beating Dayton(7) and Michigan State(2), the Owls return home to Wells Fargo for a Sweet 16 victory over Texas(6), setting up a Big 5 rematch showdown with Villanova(1). After dismantling the Wildcats, Temple defeats Wichita State and Providence in Houston to claim its first national title. Temple fans naked everywhere. Fran ascends into heaven before our very eyes.