Disclaimer: I fully recognize how fortunate I am and that many have it much worse. These are just every day moments that make me say CMON MAN
  1. Kids whose conversations revolve around pot 100% of the time
    This was the thing to do in junior year of high school, but at this age doobie-bragging is a tell tale sign of immaturity and/or accepting the burn out life with no other interests or hobbies. Yes it's very impressive you hit 10 bongs and 12 dabs last night, but leave it in your diary Brody I'm not interested.
  2. Social climbing
    If you make friends, don't ditch them for cooler friends. Here's the thing, your new friends aren't cooler, they're just the assholes that talk about how many grav bongs they did at their grandparents house on Easter.
  3. Inappropriately timed loud music
    I'm all down for the get down, anyone who knows me can tell you that. But living next to a frat this year I have experienced both the 3am and 9am technosplosions and they're always a mood killer, whether you're bangin or sleepin.
  4. Racism/sexism/any type of discrimination
    This ones pretty obvious. If you stand behind any racist beliefs or homophobia or anything like that I can't force you to think differently. But if you try to defend your opinions you're guaranteed to automatically be tagged as the worst person in the room
  5. Judging
    Standing in a corner with a group of people talking about another group of people just because they're different from you. Cmon man.
  6. Fakeness
    If you're not a nice person, don't act super nice when you meet someone for the first time. Just be an outright asshole so you're easy to avoid
  7. "Oh my god I am gonna get a zero on this test"
    No you're not. You studied all night. You're the smartest one in this class. I wish I could achieve the results you do! I know that you want me to say all of this...but I'm not gonna. Good luck on your test wonder kind.
  8. Being unreliable
    It's ok to not be able to do something or go somewhere. Everyone has different things going on. But don't make promises you can't keep or it'll make me sad on the inside.
  9. Not having an emotional attachment to the flyers
    Ok I know this one is ridiculous, but sometimes I wish everyone lived and died with every Flyers game the way I do. Like when they lose in the playoffs, let me come home and be sad and maybe I'll feel better if you whip up a tray of brownies and buy me a case of beer
  10. Self righteousness
    If you think you're always right, I'll never agree with you. You could be laying down truer than true facts that are rock solid but I'll never side with your opinion. Seriously. Ask Jared.
  11. Thank you for bearing with me through this vent sesh. Time to take a test worth 22% of my grade.