If you happen to be in our nation's capital, be sure to enjoy one of these fine places for foods/drinks. The last few years have turned the city into a foodie's paradise. It's a much cooler place than how the TV shows portray it (Ok, well, a little cooler) List inspired by @wilmotwrites who asked about DC and pushed this from my drafts folder.
  1. Maketto
    This is pretty much my favorite place ever and where I meet my writing group ladies every week. A cafe, Cambodian restaurant, and purveyor of cool shoes, hats, etc. Get some coffee roasted by Vigilante, then the pork noodle soup for lunch. Get pretty much anything on the dinner menu if you can get in.
  2. Union Market
    Union Market is kinda like NYC's Chelsea Market or Philly's Reading Market--a bunch of great food places put together under one roof. Favorite place to eat is Takorean--kinda like the Asian Chipotle, but much better. After that get a coffee from Peregrine or a basil lasse from the Indian place. Oh, yeah, and the peanut butter ice cream from the ice cream place in the back.
  3. Rasika
    High end Indian food. Get the spinach yogurt salad thing. Trust me.
  4. Momofuku
    Asian. Order everything!
  5. Mandu
    Korean. Get the bibimbap. Shell out the extra buck for the stone bowl.
  6. Ben's Chili Bowl
    A DC institution. If there's a food DC is known for, it's the half smoke and this is the place to get it. Just go.
  7. Thai X-ing
    Ask for what they're serving "off menu" and get that. Two locations. Go to the one across from 930 Club. It serves alcohol. The other one doesn't.
  8. Bluejacket Brewery
    Great food, but go for the beer. Excellent Navy Yard neighborhood location, especially in the summer.
  9. Menomale
    Brookland neighborhood. Best Neopolitan pizza ever!
  10. Brasserie Beck
    Amazing high end beer restaurant. Order the skate, mussels, or any of the beers recommended.
  11. Busboys and Poets
    A restaurant, bar, and bookstore dedicated to social justice. How cool is that! I'm partial to the shrimp and grits. (Five locations)
  12. Teaism
    An Asian inspired cafe with a few locations. All the food is good, but do for the tasty chai.
  13. Commissary
    American fare. For the peanut butter pie
  14. I'll add to this list when I think of more...
  15. Ted's Bulletin
    Booze-filled milkshakes. In-house baked "Ted's Tarts", a Poptart gone gourmet. Homestyle meals and breakfast all day.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  16. Bethesda Bagels
    No seating but the best bagels in town.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  17. Amsterdam Falafel
    Best falafel I've ever had in the whole world. And the fries are so good and they have a bar of toppings and you have to go.
    Suggested by @victoriaedel
  18. Doi Moi
    SouthEast Asian yummies, inspired by street-food. Near Logan Circle. http://doimoidc.com/
    Suggested by @edge
  19. Founding farmers
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  20. Won't ever stop singing about Mama Ayeshas.
    Their eggplant is tops. Their mezza is 👌. They've never let me down.
    Suggested by @ameliaville