1. Done is better than great
    And sometimes it's better than good. Just finish! Get a first draft no matter how shitty!
  2. Maybe this isn't as big a piece of shit as I think it is...
    ...although it probably is.
  3. What is this even about???
  4. Stop looking around the room. Look at the page!
  5. Wow. My nails are really dirty. Maybe I should start getting manicures.
  6. Why the fuck can't I keep my tenses straight!
    Is this going to be in present or past? Just fucking decide! What is this, amateur hour!
  7. I should ditch this and just start on the other idea.
    Thankfully, I'm not one of those writers without ideas. There's a down side to this.
  8. Stop making lists in your head. Write the story!