I've given this a great deal of thought. Too much thought. I'd take any one of these and die happy. Some of these are "simple" meals. Don't judge.
  1. Chipotle bowl--double steak and guacamole. Half tomato, half corn salsa. Dollop of cheese. No sour cream because I'd still hate it on death row.
  2. Tomahawk steak at the W in DC
  3. Five Bates cheese burgers--double pickle--Livonia, MI
  4. Two coney dogs from Lafayette Coney Island--Detroit. Bonus: chili cheese fries
  5. Short ribs at the Fairmont Orchid--Big Island, Hawaii
  6. 20 piece chicken nuggets--McDonalds (would require exactly 1 packet of hot mustard and sweet and sour sauces)
  7. Panang curry at Leela Palace Hotel--New Dehli
  8. Oyster chowder at Old Ebbitt Grill--DC
  9. My dad's freshly caught fish from East Twin Lake--Lewiston, MI