I'm biased here. Thanksgiving and everything around it makes this my most favorite holiday. I'm glad to list out why (in no particular order). Please put in your own suggestions!
  1. Wednesday before Thanksgiving
    Somewhere around 2:30 in the afternoon, the entire country seems to take a deep breathe and settle into a collective slowing down for a day or so. This Wednesday is truly my most favorite day of the entire year. I love to slow down!
  2. Seeing family (or avoiding them!)
    Either way it goes, you can celebrate the good fortune of a fun and lovable family. Or be grateful that you came up with an excuse good enough to get out of celebrating with your complaining, drab, (and sometimes racist) family.
  3. Everyone celebrates!
    Black, white, green, Jew, catholic, etc. Everyone loves this holiday. Even vegetarians can get behind it with tofurkey!
  4. Meticulous menu planning
    Will you or won't you make that new side dish you've never tried before? Maybe a kale and white bean gratin in place of the stuffing? A mocha pecan pie instead of the traditional pumpkin? Let's have it all!
  5. A giant, gluttonous meal!!!
  6. Naps!
  7. Parades
    I don't know why I watch these every year, but I do. As though I'm compelled by a higher force...
  8. Leftovers
    A good turkey avocado sandwich with a little Dijon and tomato or turkey tetrazzini are my favs!
  9. It's the most virtuous of holidays!
    Seriously, who can't get behind giving thanks! (Disclosure: I grew up catholic, so have no idea about Jewish holidays. I hear that they are, in fact, quite virtuous. But I only know what I know...
  10. A four day weekend
    I know. Not everyone gets Friday off, but I usually take it off.
  11. Football
    If you like that sorta thing...