Long before The List App or when I made a lot of lists, I made this list. In March 2009 I got the call that my dad had unexpectedly died. Somehow I was able to get back to my family in Michigan. That night I sat on the toilet and wrote his eulogy. After that, already feeling key details about him slipping away, I frantically made this list:
  1. Could be a real pain in the ass
  2. Loved tuna fish sandwiches
  3. Always smiled big in pictures
  4. Loved discounts
  5. Shuffled his feet in slippers
  6. Had stubby eye lashes
  7. Giggled a lot
  8. Was moody, sometimes depressive. Maybe bipolar
  9. Snored a lot
  10. Loved cheap coffee
  11. Would cut up all the food on his plate and mix it together. Very gross
  12. Liked Elvis Presley
  13. Loved college t-shirts
  14. Proud of being a Vietnam Veteran
  15. Never talked about serving in Vietnam
  16. Ate hot peppers out of containers in restaurants
  17. Liked Double Mint gum
  18. Loved watching Sex and the City. "That Samantha, she's funny," he'd say
  19. Never wore sunscreen
  20. Loved Google Earth
  21. Sang loudly at church
  22. Always smelled faintly of nicotine
  23. Loved a good fish fry
  24. Used the word "behoove" a lot
  25. Kept meticulous notes on car maintenance
  26. Used handkerchiefs
  27. Repeated the same stories
  28. Liked to give orders
  29. Had skinny legs
  30. Was left handed
  31. But golfed and played guitar with his right
  32. Had messy handwriting
  33. Had scars on his chest from heart surgery
  34. Loved his Detroit Tigers baseball hat
  35. Loved to dance. Planned to take dance classes
  36. Had funny bump on toe
  37. Never wanted to do anything himself
  38. There are 53 more things, but I'll keep them to myself for now
  39. This is us at Camden Yards. His name was Wayne.
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