I come from a Polish, catholic family and have had this meal for almost every special occasion my entire life—give or take some golumpki and blitzes. The real Poles in the family are still back in the mid-west and too old to do such a big spread. But I like to keep the tradition going...
  1. Kapusta
    That's sauerkraut for you regular peeps.
  2. Pierogies
    Potato/cheese and sauerkraut today. No Mrs. T's here. Gimme some credit. I get these from a special Polish deli in Baltimore who gets them from church ladies.
  3. Mizeria
    Basically just cucumber salad with sour cream and dill. The only light part of the meal. Except for all the sour cream...
  4. Polish Kielbasa
    Because duh. The deli didn't have the fresh I liked, so I could only get the smoked.
  5. Horseradish
    Mostly for the sausage, but you can slather it on anything. It'll definitely put some hair on your chest.
  6. Roasted Brussels sprouts
    This isn't polish. I just like 'um.
  7. Scrambled eggs with goat cheese
    I don't think this is polish either, but you're missing out on one of the finer things in life if you haven't put goat cheese in your eggs.