This year the National Park Service is celebrating its centennial anniversary. The last couple of weeks, I've been traveling around some great parks out west. Here's some pictures in the hopes that it encourages all of you to check out these national treasures. An annual pass is like $80 or something. So, chump change for such beauty and fun!
  1. Grand Teton Park. With no real foothills, the mountain range rises sharp and steep into the air. Take a boat ride on Jackson Lake to see a great view of Mt. Moran.
  2. Grand Teton Park again. (Ok, probably my favorite park) Who can resist such amazing wildflowers?
  3. The famous barn on Mormon Row with Grand Teton and Moran in the distance. Many others have done this view justice better than me, but I couldn't help myself.
  4. The beautiful sagebrush of Wyoming. And a great idea for simple benches...
  5. Teton Park again. Take a boat ride across Jenny Lake and do this amazing hike.
  6. Heading north from the Tetons, we're into Yellowstone now. Unlike Teton, Yellowstone is a super volcano with geysers,...
  7. geothermal pools,...
  8. ...and yes, beautiful canyons and waterfalls, too.
  9. Yellowstone: vast, wide, expansive, wild. Didn't see any bears though.
  10. And finally, Glacier National Park in northwest Montana.
  11. This park is amazing with its glaciers, of course...
  12. But also its lakes and ponds, and some of the oldest known forests in North America.
  13. Go to Logan Pass and climb some of it if you get the chance!
  14. And appreciate some amazing wildflowers!
  15. Take a hike around Lake Josephine at Many Glacier.
  16. Drink a huckleberry margarita at the lodge, if you can!
  17. And stay here. Glacier Park Lodge on the east side. Somehow pulled off last minute reservation.
  18. Who doesn't love a beautiful old lodge?!?
  19. I hope this list inspired you to get out and see our parks.
  20. There's 58 of them!
  21. All with different geography, history, foliage, and colors.
  22. What are you waiting for?!?!