I can't promise that this will be the only blizzard-related list over the next 72 hours. After all, I'm not going to be able to go anywhere and will very likely get cabin fever. It may come out in future lists. Sorry in advance.
  1. Washington, D.C. is notorious for, among other things, having completely incompetent drivers in the snow.
  2. I mean, seriously bad
  3. If you're from the north like me, it's laughable (and sometimes scary)
  4. People thinking they can take their Miatas out, their Benzs, then inevitably spinning out. They don't understand why.
  5. Ever heard of having a four-wheel drive car?!? All wheel?!? We do get snow.
  6. The area is supposed to get between 12-30 inches of snow
  7. There is currently one inch of snow on the ground
  8. One fucking inch!
  9. And this is what google maps looks like:
  10. One inch!
  11. So, yeah, don't go out driving if you're in the area
  12. The rest of the country might actually get its wish:
  13. Washington, D.C. may implode
  14. Stay tuned