For you pomegranate lovers out there who may be a bit intimidated, here's a full proof technique for getting the seeds out quickly and efficiently. (I just learned and I'm kinda excited)
  1. Cut pomegranate in half
  2. Hold a half in your hand, seeds facing into your palm over a bowl
  3. Take a wooden spoon or another similar object
    Something flat-ish is best
  4. Now SPANK SPANK SPANK the pomegranate's bottom!
  5. Seeds will start falling through your fingers like ashes
  6. And you get this. Voila!
    After about 20 seconds on each side (assuming you're spanking like you mean it)
  7. Then you can make this
    Recipe is actually Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce and Pomegranates
  8. If you have this cookbook
  9. Enjoy!