1. Left a cup of coffee on the floor while petting my dog, forgot about it and left for the afternoon. Saw the mug on the floor when I came home, heated it up and drank it.
    In my defense, I was out of coffee.
  2. Gave a woman the finger on the Beltway.
    The Beltway Is the main highway around Washington D. C. I really felt the need to explain "Beltway" here since this might be misconstrued.
  3. Ate five helpings of leftover stuffing today.
    For some reason, I also opened the giant jar of marinated mushrooms from Costco and ate them along with the stuffing.
  4. Walked past a panhandling homeless person without even saying, "sorry, sir."
  5. Not showering today
  6. Not picking up my dog's poop on our walk
    I didn't realize I was out of bags! Jeesh.