List inspired by all of you.
  1. Love
    I've got some bad, but a lot of good, too (I think). I want somebody to love all of it. When I'm a hothead, I want somebody to think it's cute and funny; when I'm tired or sad, make me a gin and tonic and smile at me behind my back. Give me cookies because you know I love them. And you love me.
  2. Inspiration
    Stolen from @bjnovak, but also true. I want to see potential in mundaneness, luminous words filling blank pages, music filling the silence, strength overcoming weakness, and beauty in plainness. And so much more. Then I want to do something with it.
  3. Protection
    Just feeling like somebody's got my back no matter what. Like, if I needed to be scooped up in a big hug, even if it's because I'm taking myself down, that somebody would be there to do it.