1. What if everyone in the library just chanted something really loud all at the same time...
  2. What if my bedroom ceiling was my floor? Would my room have a different shape?
  3. How do I walk up the stairs when there's someone behind me? Fast or normal?
  4. I can never spell the word definitely or statistics right typing it
    Not really a weird thing I THINK about but it's just a weird thing that happens
  5. What famous people voice over commercials?
  6. Do they make rulers using a ruler?
    Also how did they make the first ruler?
  7. Do people with waterproof cases use their phones in the shower?
  8. Confused as to why "number" is abbreviated "no." When it doesn't even have an o in it
  9. Do singers sing a long to their own songs when they come on the radio?
    Kinda funny to think about
  10. High school football players never get to see a halftime show
  11. Some fronts of cars look like people I know
    Ya feel?
  12. The fact that we can have a full on dream in a 30 min nap and not even have one at all during 8 hours of sleep
  13. Whenever I nudge my nose in public I always wonder if someone sees me and thinks I'm sending a secret signal to someone
  14. All of these things in this list are basically things I dont wanna tweet but would tweet if I was like 14
  15. I wonder if I was on The Voice would anyone turn around for me
    Who am I kidding probs not
  16. How awkward it must be for restaurants when an advertisement for another restaurant comes on their tv
  17. Do reflections have a delay?
    Like even a millisecond?
  18. Is it VET-RANS or VET-ER-ANS someone plz enlighten me
  19. Like is the president just supposed to return to living a normal life in a normal house in a normal city after pretty much being in charge of the whole country??? What a drastic change...
  20. How far does the vlog cast all live from each other???
  21. Why didn't David dobrik buy a black tesla considering he loves black so much
  22. Why are there little doors on the side of the freeway on the brick wall?
  23. If it's a live tv show how do they bleep out the bad words LIVE?!
    Like how do they know they're gonna say that ?
  24. What if your name is Alexa and you have an Alexa and everytime someone says your name Alexa goes off
  25. How do people rhyme Spanish words?
  26. I wonder if someone has the same exact bitmoji as me
  27. I get the same thing at chipotle every time but my total is somehow always different ???
  28. Cars are just basically big portable music boxes
    Omg and there's like a billion of them on the freeway at one time all playing different music wow
  29. How do the people on impractical jokers not recognize them as they're pranking them?
  30. Woah how do you become a landlord
  31. Sometimes when I'm driving in a straight line I like to take my hands off the wheel and pretend like I'm driving a Tesla
  32. You push the gear stick forward to reverse and backwards to drive forward