I was going to do a 2015 review type of post, but I think I'll save that for another time. I know it would be negative, sad, and hard to write. I want to start 2016 on a positive note … a look ahead at a better life
  1. I rang in the the new year amongst friends for the first time in ages.
    When the ball dropped and the clock struck midnight, I had my best friend of 15 years and his wife next to me. They're the best people I know and I was so happy that I decided not to cancel my plans be of anxiety
  2. In a little less than four months (119 days to be exact), I'll be taking my daughter and ex-wife on a very magical dream Disney World vacation
    I've been planning and saving since October, 2014. I'm irresponsibly spending to make this trip perfect for us. I fear that I'll have post-Disney depression once it's over, but then I start saving and planning for the next one!
  3. I am hoping to start therapy next month
    I finally have insurance that will cover mental health with only a $20 copay. So, although I've had horrible experiences with therapy before (that'll be an interesting list), I think I need to try again.
  4. Work is going really well
    I love this job. I finally feel comfortable there, I'm making new friends, and everything is going really well. In June or so, I'll be able to move to a different job, which is essential to becoming a supervisor or management.
  5. I'm hopeful that I can change my health habits
    I haven't been doing great. And I know everyone makes this as a resolution. But I want this blank slate to take care of my overeating and poor health. I need to be around for my daughter! Plus, I'll be so much more comfortable after I lose some weight and feel better
  6. There's s lot to be excited about and I am actually excited for the year to come. And I'm glad I have this community to join me on the journey