Now remember, I was 13. I checked IMDb and all of these girls are older than me. So there's nothing creepy about this list 🙂
  1. Topanga Matthews
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    The image of perfection in a relationship. Smart, loving, pretty, and so patient with Cory. I'm sure she'd be on 85% of lists by guys my age.
  2. Lenni Frazier
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    Not only was she great at solving mysteries, thanks to her friends and ghostwriter, she was quirky, spunky, and just the kind of girl I liked at that age. Also, what a wonderful show
  3. Stephanie Tanner
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    If this was ranked, she would probably end up on the top of my list. I had a crush on her since before I knew what a crush was. We were the same age on the show, so we grew up together. I am very excited to see a grown up version of her in Fuller House next month!
  4. Maggie Sheffield
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    I thought she was adorable. A bit high-strung, but then again, so was I. Plus, she was rich. At that age, pretty and rich were pretty much the only factors needed
  5. Al Lambert
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    She went from little tomboy to a very pretty, smart, in control girl by the time I was 13! Looking at this list, smart seems to be a common theme.