Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Wake up between 530-545
  2. Shower
  3. Leave for work super early
  4. (Try to) Resist stopping for unhealthy fast food breakfast
  5. Get to work super early
  6. Sit at my desk and catch up on the list app and various apps
  7. Start work at 8am
  8. Randomly between 8am and 1pm, I get up and go over to the snack machine or to visit some cubicles of friends of mine
  9. 1pm is my lunch time … I sit in my car for an hour, eating and playing games on my phone
  10. From 2pm-4:30 I work some more. I get my job done in the time allotted. Since I'm in my first 6 months, I'm only allowed to work until 430.
  11. At 4:30 I join the mad rush to my car. I would guess that at least 2,000 people leave at 430. We all run down the stairs like we're in high school again.
  12. 430-438 is spent getting out of the parking lot. It's not as bad as after a concert, but it's pretty rough
  13. My commute goes from 4:38- 5:20. I don't mind traffic, so I relax and listen to audiobooks or xm or Apple Music
  14. Then, the half of the week that i have my daughter, I hang out and play with her until 8, then it's bedtime for her. *
  15. I read her a book. Tuck her in. Kiss her goodnight.
  16. I try to watch something on Netflix or saved on my TiVo
  17. I end up in bed by 10 or so
  18. I put on the office or parks and rec
  19. I do crossword puzzles on my iPad until I drift to bed.
  20. *When I don't have my daughter, I go to the gym on the way home, then keep the same schedule.
  21. I'm boring.