Let's discuss the fact that if I wrote down all these stories in book form, most would assume I made it up and categorize the it as fiction …
  1. So I was down for a while. Like, really down.
    So far down I didn't think there was a way back up
  2. I couldn't watch tv, movies … couldn't enjoy anything.
  3. I literally would come home from work, skip dinner, lay down, stare at my phone, overthink, and sleep.
    I've had diagnosed depression and generalized anxiety disorder since I was a teenager. So I recognized the signs
  4. I knew that I had to make a change or I would only get worse
    If worse was even possible.
  5. So, I decided to try online dating again.
    It never went well before, but I guess the idea was that if I wasn't even trying that, then I literally would never find someone
  6. This time I went to the big daddy of online dating … eHarmony.
    I also have a match account, but I've literally tried on that site, and no one wanted to talk to me.
  7. Eharmony seemed like the best way for me to find the kind of person I was looking for
    These were women who were willing to spend a good amount of money, so you knew they weren't just playing games.
  8. I trusted their algorithms and had faith in the process.
    It seems to know you pretty well after the questionnaire.
  9. And on the 2nd day, I matched with someone and we hit it off right away
    Shocking and amazing!
  10. Then … things got weird
    So, so weird
  11. But that'll be another list that is coming soon
    With pictures, commentary, and insanity
  12. Be ready listapp … this one will get nuts
    coming soon …