I grew up watching sitcoms, as you can probably tell if you look at my lists. The best part of being a kid in that time period was being able to say random catchphrases and get a good laugh or two out of them
  1. Have Mercy
    Uncle Jesse always knew how to express his emotions
  2. How Rude!
    Stephanie tanner told it like it was.
  3. Well pin a rose on your nose
    Okay, maybe Stephanie got became a little snotty at this point
  4. Oh mylanta
    For when D.J. Tanner couldn't control herself
  5. You got it dude!
    Literally all the Olsen twins had to say in order to make millions of dollars
  6. Did I do that?!
    Oh Steve Urkel … it got old so quickly :-(
  7. Whatchu talkin 'bout, Willis?
    Arnold got serious with his brother
  8. WHOA
    All Joey Lawrence had to say to make millions of girls swoon
  9. Fee-ny … Fa-Fa-Fa-FEE-NY!!
    The Feeny call. One of my favorite moments was when he admitted that he loved the Feeny call
  10. How you doin'?
    Joey Tribbiani's catchphrase from Friends
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus