Best Uses of Music in the Office

Music was always a big part of the office. Between Andy, Darrell, Kevin, and even Michael, everyone enjoyed singing and playing music. Here are some of the best uses of music, in my opinion. These are presented in chronological order, as it was too hard to pick favorites and list them and any other kind of order.
  1. Tiny Dancer - The Dundies
    Back when the show was still trying to be a realistic documentary, this premiere episode of season 2 used a wonderful technique that many documentaries used. There is no music track in documentaries, but if a song is played earlier, they can harken back to it and play it over video. The image of Jim watching Angela drive away with Pam in the car, the look on his face as he ponders that kiss after she won her award, and the slow fade to the chili's sign behind him while the song played. Beautiful
  2. Sing - The Client
    The image of Jim and Pan swaying, not dancing, outside of Dunder Mifflin when they should've been home in bed, tears at my heart. As the music creeps into the foreground, you are the complete connection they're sharing. You're wondering if she feels it too, since you know Jim does. The song chosen captures the mood perfectly, as well.
  3. Islands In The Stream - Email Surveillance
    Michael just wants to fit in. It's hard to watch him sing both parts of the duet, which is why Jim got up and joined him. The smile on Michaels face tells it all. He may not have been invited, but he felt like one of the gang. And the look Jim gives go Pam as he shrugs had to have made her heart melt a little.
  4. Teach Your Children - Take Your Daughter To Work Day
    After Michael is humiliated while watching the old children's show, he still wants to teach them a lesson. He wants to be cool for them. So he sings this song, as Dwight lovingly looks on while playing Michael's guitar for him. Again, Michael wants to be liked and seem cool, even to children.
  5. Rainbow Connection - The Convict
    Jim's prank on Andy, telling him that Pam likes high falsetto voices and pig Latin sets up one of my favorite Andy moments. As he sings a song that is near and dear to my heart, Rainbow Connection, he strums away on his banjo just like Kermit did in the original muppet movie. But the falsetto and singing the lyrics in pig Latin are pure genius. How Pam didn't break and crack up is a mystery to me
  6. Goodbye My Lover - A Bennihana Christmas
    After Michael photoshops his face over his girlfriends Ex-husbands face on a Christmas card, she finally ends things. So he sits, listening to the 15 second preview of this song on iTunes (this is before you got 90 seconds). My favorite part is this scene? When Dwight suggests be just buy the entire song, Michael responds "I don't want the whole thing. I just want to taste it"
  7. We Belong - A Bennihana Christmas
    When Angela miraculously finds the extension cord for the karaoke machine, Kelly serenades Ryan with this song. @bjnovak and @mindy both show great skill in showing how they have very different feelings.
  8. Up Where We Belong - The Return
    This was a very quiet one, hidden in the background. The Muzak version of this song was playing on the in-store music at Staples as Michael Scott walked in looking for Dwight the same way Richard Gere walked into that factory looking for Debra Winger in an officer and a gentleman, the film this song was written for. Completely subtle, hard to even hear, but it worked perfectly
  9. You Were Meant For Me - Phyllis's Wedding
    Although I hate Roy getting back together with Pam, even for a few episodes, this is sweet. The only non police/sting song they played, after Roy slipped them $20, this perfect jewel song from my high school days was their song, and they danced to it as if they were at prom.
  10. Forever - Niagara
    I still can't watch this scene without a huge smile on my face. Pure joy is visible on Michael and everyone's face at this point in the wedding. The dances they do are hilarious. The cuts between the wedding and the marriage on the boat make me cry every time.
  11. I Try - Andy's Play
    This song always hits me hard. It came it my senior year of high school, so you can imagine how the lyrics hit me. Seeing everyone on that stage singing along. Seeing Steve Carell's face, knowing that that was going to be his last season, I can imagine it hit him the same way as it hit me in 1999/2000
  12. All The Faces - Finale
    What an absolutely beautiful song. I bought it on iTunes the next day after the finale aired. Hearing everyone saying how happy they were to work there, and all the flashbacks while creed sings in the background caused me to lose it when I first saw it. It still gives me a lump in my throat. I watched the office from the beginning. I grew with them. I visited them weekly for nine years. Perfect ending to a perfect show.