I'm not sure if this has been discussed on the list app, but this song is particularly creepy (and catchy). Look at these lyrics (each line is girl first, then boy, usually)
  1. I really can't stay - but baby it's cold outside
    Okay, start with the benefit of the doubt. He's worried about her wellbeing.
  2. I've got to go away - but baby it's cold outside
    Okay, she's trying to leave. Maybe let her go?
  3. This evening has been ... - been hoping that you'd drop in
    Kinda rude to interrupt her
  4. … So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice
    And to not pay attention to what she's saying
  5. My mother will start to worry - beautiful what's your hurry
    She just told you why. Her mom is a worrier.
  6. My father will be pacing the floor - listen to the fireplace roar
    Dude, she's trying to tell you she has to leave
  7. So really, I'd better scurry - beautiful please don't hurry
    You're being really condescending to her right now, man
  8. Well maybe just a half a drink more - put some records on while I pour
    Okay, I guess she's being nice. But given his behavior, maybe she should pour her own drink
  9. The neighbors might think - baby it's bad out there
    Yeah, which is why she wants to get home
  10. Say … what's in this drink? - no cabs to be had out there
    Did he drug her?! What the fuck
  11. The welcome has been … - so lucky that you dropped in
  12. … So nice and warm - look out the window at that storm
    She's being waayyyyyy too polite
  13. My sister will be suspicious- gosh your lips look delicious
    Starting to get creepy …
  14. My brother will be there at the door - waves upon a tropical shore
    She's terrified of her family and he's obsessed with her lips
  15. My maiden aunt's mind is vicious - oh, your lips are delicious
    Wow, even her maiden aunt. She really needs to get home
  16. Maybe just a cigarette more - never such a blizzard before
    Okay, stop being so nice and just leave. Mace him if he doesn't let you!
  17. I've got to go home - baby you'll freeze out there
    She won't freeze if you drive her home
  18. Say, lend me your comb - it's up to your knees out there
    I'm getting more and more annoyed at him
  19. You've really been grand - I thrill when you touch my hand
    Why is she even complimenting him. He doesn't deserve it.
  20. But don't you see … - how can you do this thing to me?!
    Oh, so he's he fucking victim now?! No!
  21. There's bound to be talk tomorrow - think of my life long sorrow
    He's kidding right?
  22. At least there will be plenty implied - if you caught pneumonia and died
    What. The. Fuck. He's trying to guilt her into staying by telling her he'll be sad if she dies because she left.
  23. I really can't stay - get over that hold out
    No she can "hold out" all she wants. Her choice.