1. I come to my car during my lunch break.
  2. I like to get away from the busy office and listen to music and relax
  3. Today I happen to be listening to the Coffee House, the XM station
  4. Jewel and Shawn Mullins are doing a live acoustic show
  5. She just sang broken
  6. And I cried. And cried. And cried.
  7. Not just because of that song.
  8. Just because of everything
  9. It all hit me at once.
  10. Being alone at this time of year
  11. Thinking back on happier times
  12. I can't handle it
  13. I have to go back in a few minutes.
  14. Get it together, man
  15. What is wrong with you right now
  16. Ah, they're doing the finale
  17. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  18. I wrote a list about how I love it but it's so depressing
  19. Doesn't help right now
  20. Even the fact that jewel sang some of it as Kermit the frog and Shawn as Rowlf.
  21. Still crying.
  22. Okay.
  23. Happy thoughts.
  24. I still have two and a half hours to get through
  25. And then I get to see my daughter
  26. For two hours.
  27. Then she goes back to her mom
  28. I get her again on Christmas Day, in the afternoon
  29. I don't want her to leave tonight
  30. I can't handle it
  31. Ugh. This is going to be a bad night
  32. I think I'm going to watch It's A Wonderful Life tonight and wrap presents.
  33. Maybe that will help
  34. Or make it worse
  35. I'll let you all know
  36. This list is kind of embarassing
  37. If list app gets huge, I'm deleting this one
  38. Or I'll leave it. Because I am who I am
  39. Okay. Work. Bye.