1. I got to drive my new, used car!
    My sister upgraded her car to a nice big sub, and she gave me get 2009 sonata! No more minivan dad! I'm cool sonata dad now
  2. The car has XM radio!
    Amazing! I've wanted XM for years. I even bought one of those kits to have it in your car, but it never worked well
  3. And it has an aux port!
    No more Bluetooth speakerphone transmitting my music via fm transmission!
  4. And I'm on my break in the car and when I turned on Jam On, this was playing!
    A732b2a9 01f9 4559 b841 28c0c2686ff1
    Perfect timing!
  5. I'm, hopefully, seeing my best friend and his wife tonight for dinner and KRUMPUS!
    We have a hard time catching up because he works in the city and always gets out so late. We'll see if the plans work out tonight!