Here are all the hugs from DMB's Everyday video ❤️🎬🎞

Released just a few months after September 11, 2001, Dave Matthews Band's video for their single Everyday showed just how much love there is in the world. It was refreshing to watch Judah Friedlander spread free hugs throughout Charlottesville, VA and New York City. Here is his journey …
  1. He wakes up with a wonderful idea in his heart. He wants to spread love 😀
  2. At first, it's not easy to get hugs. He tries …
  3. He fails
  4. He fails again …
  5. And again …
  6. Sometimes politely being told no, thanks
  7. And other times, being ignored by the commissioner of Major League Baseball
  8. It's enough to make a man sit down and feel sad
  9. But then … it all turns around. Here's a hug!
  10. Even though her husband was visibly uncomfortable with it
  11. Sure, says this college student
  12. There were strong hugs …
  13. Gentle hugs …
  14. And unsure at first …
  15. Welcoming, sweet hugs.
  16. Everyone was happy to share their love
  17. Just watching these hugs releases the same endorphins in me as actual hugs
  18. Judah crashes the C'Ville news station
  19. The anchor finds it pretty funny
  20. He nearly tackles the weatherman with his running hug!
  21. Back outside, the hugs continue ❤️
  22. Playing ball and getting hugs.
  23. NYC hugs … probably harder to come by
  24. Maybe not! Everyone wants to bear hug this guy
  25. Two at once at an outdoor seating area for a restaurant
  26. Pure joy!
  27. Ahhhhh, crazy group hug by a whole elementary school class!
  28. These kids made his day so much brighter 😀
  29. In the studio where dmb are rehearsing!
  30. Random studio guy hug.
  31. LeRoi hug! (Rest in peace 'Roi)
  32. Fonzie!
  33. Carter Beauford on the drums 👍
  34. I've actually hugged Boyd Tinsley before. He's an amazing hugger. Strong. Long hold time. You feel his love.
  35. Ah Dave …
  36. FDNY, NYPD, and Port Authority Police deserve a million hugs for what they do
  37. Awwww
  38. Here comes Tiki Barber …
  39. Tiki hug!!!
  40. Too many things in her hand to hug back. That's okay 😀
  41. So many good feelings
  42. Hugs on top of the bar at Coyote Wild
  43. Back in the street for more hugs
  45. Neighhhhhh
  46. Hey hey, Vincent Pastore
  47. Hallie Kate Eisenberg, the Pepsi girl!
  48. Conan ❤️💜💚
  49. Touching hug from blue man group
  50. Last hug for him … what a long day 😀