1. Work was okay. So, the entire day wasn't bad.
  2. As I wrote a list about, I ended up crying in my car for a good chunk of my lunch break
  3. I just wanted to go home to my daughter.
  4. Traffic was super bad, so I got home later than normal.
  5. But there she was! Waiting at the door. Jumping up and down. My daughter.
  6. She always makes me feel better
  7. She hugged me super tight
  8. She hung on me
  9. She wanted to sit right next to me
  10. She wouldn't let me out of her reach
  11. That was really nice.
  12. But then, as happens every Tuesday, her Aunt Kimmy came to bring her back to mommy's house
  13. I never enjoy this moment. I mean, I get 3.5 days with her, which is nice. 50/50 split. Can't complain
  14. But last night was harder. I hugged her a million times.
  15. I kissed her a billion times.
  16. I'll have her back in my arms on Christmas Day, around 3pm. So I won't get to see her wake up on Christmas morning and get all excited
  17. But I got to last year. We alternate. So, really. Can't complain
  18. But it was so sad. She looked up at me as I was closing the car door and she waved and said "Merry Christmas, daddy!"
  19. Heart = broken
  20. I went inside and cried. Again.
  21. I tried watching It's a Wonderful Life (and listing it)
  22. Couldn't make it too far. Had to stop watching. I want to have a wonderful life like George Bailey.
  23. Cried again
  24. Went in my bedroom
  25. Listed about sad songs. Which actually helped a littlr
  26. Put on the office (The Chump) and drifted to sleep
  27. Had a nightmare at 2am.
  28. Bad day
  29. But today's a new day.
  30. Bring it on …