1. I'm starting my week having these sharp pains in my throat every time I swallow.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's nothing super serious, but it made yesterday and so far today almost unbearable. I'm avoiding swallowing.
  3. In a bit of good luck, I have my yearly checkup with my doctor today at 2:45, so I can have him check it out.
  4. Having a job that requires a bunch of phone conversations, I'm not looking forward to 8am when I can start working.
  5. But, at least I'll be leaving 2.75 hours early for my appointment.
  6. This list is just basically me whining. Don't mind me. I know there are far worse things that people deal with all the time. I'm very lucky to be mostly healthy.
  7. UPDATE: doctor said it sounds like strep with some bronchitis mixed in! Gave me some medicine and told me to take tomorrow off of work