I feel gross …
  1. I decided that, with exactly 20 weeks until my Disney vacation, I want to lose weight and get somewhat semi-healthy.
  2. This way I'm more comfortable when I'm there, and maybe I'll want to be in pictures.
  3. So I hopped back on weight watchers tonight, since tomorrow I'm counting.
  4. And I started calculating what I've been eating every day before work …
  5. And it made me scared for my life. Let's discuss how disgusting I am.
  6. So, I started a new job on September 21. Finally, a real mon-fri job. Out of retail after 17 years! 8-430 every day.
  7. So, I figured a good breakfast would start the day off well. So I stopped at McDonald's.
  8. Or Burger King.
  9. Every day. For the last three months.
  10. And I didn't just get a little food. No. I'm gross so I got a ton of food.
  11. Now, I'm a much higher weight than anyone should ever be. And it's gone up and up since I started this job.
  12. No more walking for 8 hours a day and lifting 40 pound bags of dog food.
  13. This is sitting in a chair all day.
  14. And parties. Oh my the work parties. food weekly.
  15. So, I'm supposed to eat 71 points a day on weight watchers. (Each food is assigned a points value based on amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.
  16. I added up what I eat at these two places.
  17. At McDonald … 81 points …
  18. At Burger King … 97 points.
  19. This doesn't even take into account the horrible artery clogging that probably has happened from bacon and sausage
  20. These points count in large coca-colas. Every day. To get my caffeine in, I'd rationalize.
  21. I'm so angry at myself. And sick just thinking about it.
  22. It stops now. From now until April 29 when I'm on that plane, I will try my hardest not to eat like that. If I did want to stop, I'll grab an egg white sandwich. No hash brown. No soda. And even that, not often.
  23. This journey has to start now. I'm disgusted at myself.
  24. Please … don't be disgusted with me 😟