I hope we're still doing this 😕
  1. Drink
    Coca-Cola Classic. Literally addicted to soda. Coke products, especially
  2. Bagel
    Egg everything, toasted, with scallion cream cheese
  3. McDonald's meal
    Quarter pounder with cheese meal, large, with a Coke. And some sweet and sour sauce to dip my fries into
  4. Cake
    Cheesecake. Any kind that doesn't have a gooey fruit topping.
  5. Fear
    That everyone that sees me eat silently judges me for eating unhealthy food 😳
  6. Anxiety
    Ordering for a group of people with multiple options
  7. If they mess up my order
    I guess I'll try whatever they give me, because I'm definitely not saying a thing