1. I decided to start 2016 off in a positive way
  2. So I rang in the new year with my best friends
  3. And I haven't looked back at 2015, because there's no reason to reminisce about sad stuff from the past
  4. I woke up in a good mood
  5. I got some cleaning done that I've been putting off
  6. I went to the movies and saw The Big Short (list forthcoming about that amazing experience)
  7. I redid my budget and made sure I'll have enough money for my trip, as it's only 6 pay checks before the payment is due
  8. I feel good about that.
  9. But I still had these horribly sad intrusive thoughts.
  10. I always go to the movies alone. It never bothers me. If I wait until one of my friends has the time and wants to go, I may miss it
  11. But today, as I was walking to my car after the amazing movie ended, I was really upset
  12. I saw couples everywhere. Even just people with their friends. People happily doing things together
  13. I actually missed work. It's amazing to have a day off like this, but I missed the social interaction today
  14. Overall, I was happy 85% of the time.
  15. I wish it was 100%