Today is the day that I'm trying to reset a few things in my life. Trying to give myself a fresh start, especially health-wise. So far, the first two hours that I've been awake have been more wins than loses
  1. I started off sad. I find that when I first wake up, intrusive thoughts jump into my head before I can mentally prepare for them
  2. I started to think rationally and got a little better.
  3. Then I was nervous about work, but not upset that I'm going or anything. I just hate Monday and Tuesday at work because I have my daughter those days, so I feel like I'm missing out on my time with her
  4. I got past that by remembering that I have her all day Sunday, half the day Saturday, and when I get home from work Monday and Tuesday. It helped :-)
  5. So I took a shower, felt more awake, and got ready for work
  6. First, playing when I got into my car was a beautiful acoustic version of Everyday on XM
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  7. I then listened to a playlist based on this amazing list by @kate81 all about staying positive and know that you are okay! SONGS TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU WILL BE OKAY 💙
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  8. I drove past all three McDonald's and the Burger King that I would have stopped at every other day the past three months!
  9. I stopped at 7-eleven to buy my energy drink instead of the vending machine at work
  10. This is a good thing bc they're 2 for $4 at Sevs, 3 dollars for one at work. Also, I chose the rehab monster, only 25 calories instead of 280 or so. Baby steps :-)
  11. Now I head in to work. I get here about 45 minutes early to beat traffic. Luckily, my friends from my training class pop over and visit until 8, since we're not allowed to work until exactly 8 until we're 6 months in
  12. It always helps me start my work day happily :-)
  13. More later?
  14. Am I doing this all wrong? I kinda use this app as a blog a lot.
  15. Sometimes I do straightforward lists about pop culture and whatnot
  16. But mostly I feel like I'm on my livejournal in 2003 but with a much more welcoming group.
  17. Anyway
  18. That's all for now