Hey @list
  1. I'm almost never one to complain about updates to apps. I understand that there are more people than me using these apps and they need to be geared towards most people
  2. I don't know who this update benefits, however. There's no harm in being able to save drafts, and has anyone ever actually complained about the stress of having a draft waiting to be finished?
  3. Yes, I like to post impromptu lists about random things. But I also post lists that are full of history or pop culture info or screenshots that take days to complete
  4. These are meant to educate or entertain the community. Not just introduce banal random thoughts in my head. I post lists for that too.
  5. I miss relisting. I don't love the curated newsfeed. I didn't complain. But this one … this one hurts.
  6. Giphy
  7. EDIT: I got the email with my drafts. Except that the drafts are not links. They are blue and underlines and not clickable.
    Just horrible