This is 100% serious. I think about this all the time
  1. I watch a lot of television. And usually, groups of people form these amazing friendships and spend their lives together. It happens all the time.
  2. Here are some examples:
  3. Newsradio
    By the second season, there started to be jokes in the show about how there didn't seem to be anyone outside the main cast working at WNYX. They all enjoyed each other's company. They had strong bonds. They sometimes went down to the Mexican restaurant in the lobby. Some of them dated. They loved each other like a family.
  4. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted, Marshall, Lily, and Barney are best friends who do everything together. Robin joins the group and fits in perfectly. They always have someone to help them when they need
  5. The Office
    I don't think any office is as close as the Dunder Mifflin team. I go to work, I chat with my section mates and desk buddy. But it's nothing like they have in Scranton
  6. Parks and Recreation
    Anne and Leslie have the best friendship ever. Chris and Ben go together well. Andy gets along with everyone and April is the most fun to hang out with. Ron always joins in, as does Donna. Even Jerry/Larry/Gary/Terry is a part of this amazing team.
  7. New Girl
    The epitome of a squad. They all live together. Or near each other. They are each other daily. A lot. They get along. They have inside jokes. They live an amazing life.
  8. I dunno. I just want that go-to friendship. Is it real? Is it actually attainable?
  9. I have three friends:
  10. Andrew
    I've known Andrew the longest, since 2001. We went to college together. He's been my best friend through everything. He's consistently there for me. But he works in the city, and doesn't get home til 11pm. We only see each other 5 or 6 times a year, but we talk daily. He's in my phone as Hank Mardukas … if you've seen I Love You, Man, you'd understand
  11. Adam
    Adam has been my friend for a few years. We worked together at Petco. Then he quit in April. I quit in September. And we still grab dinner every two or three weeks.
  12. Ginny
    Ginny is my work friend. We both started the same day, went through our 8 week training class sitting next to each other, and now that we're out on the floor, we l visit each other's cubicles a few times a day and talk on messenger all day. She's the only person I work with that I text from time to time. She's still just a work friend, as we haven't hung out or anything, but she's still my friend
  13. So, it's certainly not an every day go to thing.
  14. Even though we're close, I still feel like I bug my friends when I see if they want to hang out
  15. There are no implied activities. It's not like I have someone that I know will go see the next Jennifer Lawrence movie with or anything
  16. I just want a different life sometimes.
  17. I don't want my anxiety to keep me from making friends, or hanging out with more people or more times.
  18. I want to be better at life.