1. When I'm at work, I typically leave my no-work issues at the door
  2. I never let sadness or anxiety affect my work performance.
  3. I also don't like to show it when I'm around my coworkers
  4. I'm typically a ball of sunshine and energy. I'm the happy, positive, optimistic, slightly naïve one
  5. I can't today
  6. I'm so down.
  7. I don't know why.
  8. I won't let it affect my work, or how I sound when I'm on the phone with people.
  9. But when I'm sitting at my computer doing stuff or when my friends come around, can I take some time off from being me?!
  10. Or more accurately, the image of me that I portray at work?
  11. I know this will lead to tons of "are you okay?"s and "what's the matter?"s, and the dreaded "but you're always so cheerful/happy/positive"
  12. But I don't think I can get there today. Even as I sit at my desk typing this, waiting for 8am so I can start working, I feel like crying/sleeping/hiding
  13. How do I get through today?!?