This list only pertains to movies that Judd Apatow directed. His many productions will be a different list
  1. Trainwreck
    I'm not against Amy Schumer. I don't dislike her because she's a female comedian or anything like that. I just don't enjoy her material. This is the first, and only so far, Apatow directed film that he didn't also write. I didn't realize that she wrote it, and not Judd, until after I saw it. So that didn't sway my feelings. I genuinely enjoyed the movie. It just felt different. I think Lebron James was outstanding. Bill Hedar was amazing too. Amy Schumer was great in it as well. I'm sorry. 😕
  2. Knocked Up
    I hate putting this 4th because it had such rewatchability to me. I've never seen Katherine Hiegel in anything else, but I loved her in this. Seth Rogen was a great pick for the male lead. He was able to capture the fear and anxiety and excitement of his situation well. My favorite parts is the film had to be the extended family. Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude and Iris Apatow. I felt like they were so real in this film. It had dialogue that I feel like I had in my marriage.
  3. Funny People
    This film came out about 3 months after my wife's father was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. We went to see it, and it was hard to see someone dealing with a terminal illness on the screen as we were watching it right in front of us. Much like 50/50, the humor toed line and stayed on the right side of it. Adam sander being normal, and not silly was a nice change of pace. And again, there's Leslie Mann, Maude and Iris Apatow providing so much emotional power. Plus, AZIZ AS RANDYYYYY
  4. This Is 40
    Basically tied for 1st, this movie hurts. It's raw. It deals with a the Knocked Up family on the brink of breakdown. Maude, now a teenager, is the unsung hero of this movie. She gave me a glimpse of my life in 8 years. Iris shines too, probably realistically trying to get attention from a busy family. I always say that this movie is what made my wife decide to end things. She got scared of what would happen if she stayed in it "for the kid" when she didn't feel the same way I did about her.
  5. The 40 Year Old Virgin
    This movie came out right before my breakup in South Dakota. I watched it over and over when I was going through hard times. Steve Carell shines. Paul Rudd and friends are such a wonderful supporting cast. This topic could have been played completely blue and ridiculously, but Steve Carell keeps it sincere, heartwarming, and grounded. It's a very quotable, relatable movie. It'll always have a special place in my heart.