I was down today, so I had to shut off The Coffee House on XM. So I switched over to 90s on 9, to relive my junior high and high school days. Then this song came on
  1. I know it's a popular song …
  2. And I suppose you could say it's a body positive song …
  3. "So Cosmo says you're fat/Well I ain't down with that"
  4. But isn't it also a body shaming song, too?
  5. "So I'm looking at Rock videos/Knock kneed bimbos walking like hoes"
  6. "To the beanpole dames in the magazines/You ain't it, Miss Thing"
  7. I mean, is there any reason to knock any body type?
  8. I suppose he is just telling what he prefers.
  9. But then, most importantly, who gives a fuck what Sir Mix-A-Lot thinks?
  10. Who even knighted him?
  11. I'd like to think that if princess Diana had stayed married to Charles and lived to see him take the throne, she would have made him rescind that knighthood
  12. Has anyone even ever called 1-900-MIXALOT and actually got a "triple X throw down?
  13. It would have been excellent if it was an girl who didn't have "a motor in the back of her Honda"
  14. And she showed up and talked to him and made him see that everyone is perfect in their own way!