It's never easy to say goodbye to a television show, especially if you've dedicated years of your life watching the characters grow and change. Some shows do a better job at saying goodbye than others. Here are a few that tear at the heart strings.
  1. Mr. Feeny dismisses class one last time - Boy Meets World
    This final scene brings the gang back to their season 1 classroom. They ask Feeny for advice. He gives them the greatest words of wisdom ever uttered: "Dream. Try. Do Good". When Topanga tries to correct him, assuming he meant "do well", he reiterates that he wants them to do good. He says goodbye to the gang. One by one. Eric asks him to tell them he loves them, which he will not do. Then after they leave, he utters the last words of the show: "I love you all. Class dismissed." 😢
  2. Sam Malone says "Sorry, we're closed" - Cheers
    I used to watch cheers reruns on WSBK Boston when it was a superstation that I got on cable on Long Island, oddly. I was young, maybe 8 or 9. But I loved the characters. I also watched the last two seasons as they aired. The finale was a huge moment. Pre-show retrospective, post show live broadcast by Jay Leno from the Bull and Finch. But it was that last line. As a customer wants to come in. Sam, as any bar owner would, says that they're closed. And the chapter in television history closed.
  3. Michael Scott coming to Dwight's wedding - The Office
    The news broke early in season 9. Steve Carell would not be appearing in the final episode of the show he brought to prominence, having closed Michael Scott's chapter in season 7. He did show up in Scranton when the city thanked The Office for everything they did for the city. But then he made a surprise cameo at Dwight's wedding, looking a little older, and having created a happy ending. I definitely choked up when I saw how happy dwight was. As Jim said: "Best. Prank. Ever."
  4. The reunion after the office "documentary" aired - The Office
    Yeah, the office gets two. At the after party of the documentary panel, the crew runs into creed living there after faking his death. He sings a beautiful song, All The Faces, while the cast does one last set of interviews. Andy put it best: "I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you've actually left them". I think we, the audience, knew that we were watching something special for those 9 years.
  5. The entire show was set in an autistic boy's mind - St. Elsewhere
    St. Elsewhere featured the tales of St. Eligius hospital. But the series ended with the main character, Dr. Westphall and his autistic son tommy looking out of a window the snow falling. Next, Tommy is looking into a snow globe. Westphall comes home from work, but now he's a construction worker. He tells his father that all tommy does is look into that snowglobe, and he wonders what he thinks about. Close up on the inside of the glove to reveal St. Elegies hospital. Innovative. Just amazing.
  6. Mary's "what is a family speech" - Mary Tyler Moore show
    Mary, in a final monologue, says she was concerned about being married to get job and jot having a family. But she realized that these people weren't just people she worked with. They were her family. Her voice cracks at the end as she starts to cry. As the whole cast cries. They add some levity by singing A Long Way to Tipperary as they leave. It didn't stop me from crying as Mary looks back at he newsroom one last time and turns off the lights.