Movies I've watched in 2017

Making myself a list so I can keep track all year. This includes new and old, as long as I sat down and watched and paid attention, not just had it in the background. I've challenged myself to watch more movies, I'm aiming for 100 this year.
  1. Sing (2016) - January 2 - Regal Ronkonkoma 9
    I was looking forward to this movie for months and it did not disappoint!
  2. Spotlight (2015) - January 6 - Netflix at home
    I don't think I have words yet … need time to process
  3. Waffle Street (2015) - January 7 - Netflix at home
    True story of a man who lost his job during the financial crisis and started working at a waffle restaurant. Really good acting in this one. I really liked it.
  4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - January 13 - Blu-Ray at home
    I needed this movie tonight. But I don't know if it helped. But I first read this book in my senior year in high school and was so excited about this movie when I found out they were making it. It did the book justice, for sure.
  5. Big Daddy (1999) - January 20 - Netflix at Home
    I wanted to watch something while doing my Lego US Capitol Building. Lady night, my friend and I were quoting the movie a bunch, so this was perfect
  6. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) - January 20 - Amazon Streaming at home
    I just love this movie so much. I've probably seen it over 100 times. It was my go-to when I was living in my dorm in South Dakota. I love Judd Apatow.
  7. This Is 40 (2012) - January 20 -Netflix at home
    Man, this is the 3rd movie in a row today that I watched that had Leslie Mann in it. And the 2nd with Paul Rudd. This movie may have led to my divorce, but I still appreciate it.
  8. Swingers (1996) - January 20 - Netflix at home
    This movie helped me get through my first breakup. It is a real movie, with real emotions. Vince Vaughn is spectacular in this movie. As is Jon Favreau. And Ron Livingston.
  9. Lincoln (2012) - January 21 - Vudu at home
    Amazingly enough, I had never seen this. Being that I love history AND I love Daniel Day-Lewis, I should have seen it opening night. Amazingly acted, suspenseful even though I knew the end result … and exactly what I needed to see. A president who had to navigate a divided nation.
  10. Hidden Figures (2016) - January 22 - AMC Loews Stony Brook 17
    This movie was so uplifting. I went to see it with my sister and brother-in-law while my parents watched our kids. The movie was so good, but it also reminded me that there was so much racism, so very recently. I know that there still is so much, but to see separate drinking fountains and seats on the bus still shocks me.
  11. Daddy's Home (2015) - January 26 - Hulu at home
    I've wanted to see this since it was in the theaters. I love the comedy in this one. It was more funny than I expected, although I knew it would be great.
  12. There Will Be Blood (2007) - January 28 - Netflix at home
    One of my top 3 favorite films, and probably the best film I've ever seen. This is the first time I've watched it in a few years (1/17/15 to be exact), and it is just as great as I remember. Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview is the best acting performance I've ever witnessed.
  13. Renaissance Man (1995) - February 3 - Amazon streaming at home
    I wanted to rewatch this for a week or so. I've probably seen this movie 20 times and always enjoy it.
  14. The Big Short (2015) - February 4 - Netflix at home
    I saw this in the theaters a year ago. It is so well made. It makes it easier to understand the very confusing terminology and details that are important to know. Great acting, especially Steve Carell and Christian Bale
  15. The Crucible (1996) - February 10 - Netflix at home
    I was obsessed with Arthur Miller when I was in high school. I also love history. The Crucible is a wonderful allegory that uses the Salem Witch Trials to speak out against the hysteria against communism in the 50s. And once again, Daniel Day-Lewis amazed me.
  16. My Cousin Vinny (1992) - February 11 - HBO Go at home
    It may seem shocking, but I'd never seen this movie. I knew I would love it, but it took me a long time to actually sit down and watch. Marissa Tomei is absolutely wonderful in this movie.
  17. The Lego Batman Movie (2017) - February 11 - Regal Ronkonkoma 9
    I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. The Lego Movie was spectacular, so I had high hopes - and they were exceeded. Will Arnett is spectacular as Batman.
  18. Split (2016) - February 17 - Regal Ronkonkoma 9
  19. Paper Towns (2015) - February 25 - Amazon Streaming at home
    I've long been a fan of John Green from his mental floss and YouTube videos. I wanted to see this movie for a while. There's something about coming of age, Bildungsroman films that I can't get enough of. Well done movie.
  20. Rock Dog (2016) - February 26 - Regal Ronkonkoma 9
    Much like Norm of the North last year, I didn't hear much about this film before last month, but it's an animated film, so I had to see it with Emily. Movie days with my daughter are some of my favorite things.
  21. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) - March 3 - Netflix at home
    I'm the goddamn paterfamilias
  22. The Lego Batman Movie (2017) - March 7 - Regal Ronkonkoma 9
    My friend Adam hadn't seen this yet and I was absolutely willing to go again. It really is a great movie
  23. Old School (2003) - March 10 - Blu-Ray at home
    It's easy to forget just how good this movie is. It's from that wonderful "frat pack" era. This movie is one that always puts me in a good mood. I needed it, and it helped
  24. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - March 22 - Blu-Ray at Home
    I want to rewatch all eight movies. It's been waaaayyyy too long.
  25. Live By Night - March 24 - Amazon streaming at home
    Had two of my oldest and best friends over for dinner and a movie. And this was a great movie! I'm becoming a big Affleck fan
  26. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - March 30 - Hulu at home
    Gene Wilder is snarky as heck in this movie. I've seen it hundreds of times and still catch new things
  27. Clueless (1995) - March 31 - Hulu at home
    I was not feeling well on Friday night and this movie always makes me feel better. I've probably seen it 30 times and just love it.