It's Black Friday in the United States. This day has changed a lot since I got my first job in 1998. In those 18 black Friday's that I was worked in retail it went from a few stores opening at 7am instead of 9 to what it's become now. But this is my first year in a normal office job with mon-fri business hours
  1. If I had vacation time accrued yet, I would have taken off today
    Not to shop, mind you. Mostly because half of the building took off and it would have been cool to have a four day weekend. But it's okay. I'm still new-ish
  2. On my drive in, I noticed that stores seemed quieter this morning than in past years
    I guess the thanksgiving openings have made it less necessary to get to stores super early
  3. Is it really that big a deal that stores open Thursday now?
    My first year at target I worked Black Friday when we opened at 6am. It was a big deal. You could get wake up calls from celebrities! Then by the time I left target it was opening at 2am. I know thanksgiving is a family holiday, but plenty of people work it. Emergency workers, policemen and firemen, security. It's tough, but working in retail means annoying things sometimes
  4. I also see the other side it, how hard it is on workers
    Having done it for so many years, I get that it's a huge hassle. It's horrible. I missed my family, I hated how rude customers were to me, and I was tired.
  5. It's like a one day week!
    Today should be nice at work. Feels like the second Friday of the week. Nice!