Spoiler alert: it's awesome and made me beyond excited and happy!!!!
  1. So, after a long commute home from work, I walked inside to find a box addressed to me!!!!
  2. (the Ron Swanson and dmb sticker are mine, to protect our privacy, ya know)
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  3. I was BEYOND excited.
  4. Like, giddy!!
  5. What's this, peeking out of the box!?! A Pom-Pom?!?!
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  6. YES!! It's a very good thing my daughter isn't next to me as I open this or this would be in her room so fast while she jumps on the bed holding it 😀
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  7. Ohhhhhh myyyyy gooodness! Hot chocolate! And the good stuff, too. Rich chocolate Swiss miss! This is going to be so wonderful while I'm watching Christmas movies over the next week! And again, my daughter will be thrilled.
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  8. Ooohhhh, Salinger! I was obsessed with 9 Stories in high school, and I won accolades for my group project film of a catcher in the rye in 11th grade English! I have a feeling I'll love this 😀😀😀
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  9. Aww, a card too!
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  10. Beautiful
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  11. Awwwwwww. This is so heartfelt and wonderful. And beautiful handwriting! I'll definitely be cheering on Clemson!
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  12. Thanks so much, to my list app secret Santa … although I don't know your username!
  13. And thanks a billion, @ChrisK for making this happen
  14. And thanks @bjnovak for fostering such a caring and amazing community.
  15. 🎅🏼☃❄️🎄🎁