My Thoughts on the First Season of Dawson's Creek

I finished rewatching season 1 last night, so here is what I hope is the start of a six part series on what I thought about each season … do I even need to write ***SPOILER ALERT****
  1. Dawson
    Life is tough at 15. It's hard to understand. Everything feels like the end of the world. Emotions, hormones, and confusion take over your brain and your life. Dawson reacts to things the way I remember wanting to react to things at 15. The "woe is me" groans, the burying his face in the pillow as he yells, trying to calm down his mind. I've always been a sensitive, nice, hopeless romantic. Difference between me and Dawson is that he had friends and luck with girls. I was lonely and depressed.
  2. Pacey
    Seemingly the opposite of Dawson, Pacey spends the season hiding his insecurities behind a strange mix of self confidence and self deprecation. Although bad at school, I always felt like Pacey was smarter than the other three. He didn't use the big words that Joey and Dawson did, but he was sharp. When we learn how much his family makes him feel like he's nothing, it's no wonder why it quickly turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. He has a lot to overcome. He's deeper than most think at first
  3. Joey
    I connected with Joey right away. Always the friend. Always looked at as nothing more than that person who'll always be there for you. Holding in the overwhelming feelings, watching someone she loved date the new girl. Always feeling inferior because of how the small minded people of Capeside feel about of her family. She sacrifices happiness to help her sister, Dawson, even Jen. 10th grade me had a lot in common with her.
  4. Jen
    Season 1 Jen was half frustrating and half likable. 10th grade me did exactly what Kevin Williamson wanted me to do. He made me choose her right away in the pilot. She was pretty, nice, and intriguing. 33 year old me sees through that. She wasn't more grown up than the other 15 year olds because she was caught having sex with her boyfriend on her parents bed. She was just as immature and she understood just as little as the other three.
  5. Dawson and Joey
    Dawson, in this season, would have been perfect for Joey. They had the same interests, got along so well that they slept in the same bed. She was adorable. She was able to stand up for herself. He was blind for 99.5% of the season. Let's not forget that the first scene of the series, she tries to explain to Dawson that things in their life are changing and they're growing up. Even Spielberg grew out of his Peter Pan syndrome
  6. Dawson and Jen
    10th grade me was so happy about this relationship. I didn't see how ridiculous it was that she was treating him like just one of her many options for most of their relationship. She flirts with Scott Foley's character in front of Dawson. She strings Dawson along when her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life. She breaks up with him to be alone and then dares Scott foley a few days later?! She's jealous of Joey being better friends with him when she's only known him for a few weeks l? Ugh.
  7. Pacey and Tamara
    I'm so glad this didn't go longer than six episodes. Pacey charmed her. She must have honestly had some sort of deep emotional problems to be so interested in someone in their early teen years. I hate that she let him take the rap and say he made it up just so she wouldn't go to jail for breaking the law. Pacey gets looked at like a village idiot, making this stuff up. As if he didn't have a million other issues.
  8. Joey and Pacey
    A small, two episode arc that showed that sometimes back and forth, consistent insults are really flirting and help to advance the feelings of two "frenemies". And yet, Joey was too in love with Dawson to even attempt anything more than a sweet conversation and some butterflies in her stomach
  9. Mitch and Gail
    A little too much drama added to a show at the breaking point, dramatically. I understand that it added another layer to Dawson's angst for us to care about. But the awkwardness of the post-affair, attempting to get along and be civil parts are too much. Mitch hated her. She hurt him. She cheated on him. And he didn't let her forget it either.
  10. Jen and Grams
    Yes, grams is a little over the top with her religious beliefs. But Jen doesn't care about or respect the fact that grams is letting her stay there. She takes every opportunity she can to tell grams that she doesn't believe in God and basically tries to shock and hurt grams as much as she can. I guess it's that "rebellious New Yorker stereotype"
  11. The idea that Jen is different because she's from NY
    As a New Yorker, when I first watched this show in 1998, I didn't understand why people were so mystified about someone who came from New York. They had these notions about her just because of where she was from. Then, in 2005, I moved to South Dakota and lived there for 2 years. Now I see what people think about us. It's strange. Small towns, or places far from here, give people some interesting ideas.
  12. The fact that parents don't parent in Capeside
    Joey's guardian is her sister, since her dad is in jail and get mom passed away. So there's no real leadership there. Dawson's parents are quite busy working their own stuff out, so they don't parent him at all in season 1. Jen's parents shipped her away, and grams can't control her. And Pacey's whole family treats him like he doesn't exist. These kids do whatever they want. Ladder to the window, girls sleeping over, jen's boyfriend sleeping over at Dawson's (weird). No problems at all.
  13. Fun episodes
    Two episodes in particular were very well done homages to other films and shows. Episode 7: Detention. Perfect reimagining of breakfast club! And episode 11: The Scare. I was actually on the edge of my seat. They did a great job keeping it fresh.
  14. Pacey entering the beauty contest was well done
    Yes, we've seen it on saved by the bell, the guy tries to prove something by entering the beauty contest. But this episode shows Pacey's insecurity about what people think of him. And his braveheart monologue was so good.
  15. The cliffhanger
    I love how Joey spends a lot of time in the season finale talking about how she hates when shows have cliffhangers. Dawson objects, but Joey has a point. It's easy to rely on a gimmick to keep people coming back. A will they/won't they. Sam and Diane. Jim and Pam. Ross and Rachel. And the entire episode felt like more of that. Until the kiss at the end. And not knowing where it would lead until I start rewatching season 2!
  16. My final opinion
    Solid first season. It was a mid-season replacement, so it only had 13 episodes to introduce and give depth to them while giving us a chance to form our own opinions. I look forward to seeing the follow through on these things.