I want to go see Mockingjay, Part 2 on Saturday, so I'm trying to watch the first three films over the next three nights. Here are some thoughts while I watched he first one for the first time in a few years
  1. Aww, a young JLaw
    She was a celebrity crush of mine for a while. I remember why, now.
  2. She looked like she was really going to cry when Prim got chosen at the reaping
    Amazing acting
  3. I feel like I'd enjoy the hunger games if I lived in the Capitol
    Is that bad to say? I like the olympics a lot. And honestly, the production value that they seem to air these games with is top notch!
  4. But if I lived in district 12, I'd be terrified on reaping day
    As I watch them get ready, I start to get super anxious. I can't imagine what it would feel like. Even though I know others would have a higher chance at being picked, it's still terrifying
  5. If I was picked, would I be able to kill other people?!
    I don't have any physical qualities that would help me win. I'm smart, but I don't think that's would help more than a few days. I don't know if I could bring myself to kill someone. But if my life is on the line, I guess I would have to.
  6. I love Elizabeth Banks, but Effie scares the day lights out of me
    I don't know if it's the makeup, the outfits, or the way she acts. Just not into it
  7. Oppositely, this film made me like Lenny Kravitz more than I ever have before!
    Cinna :-(
  8. Rue!!!!
    Okay, I read all the books before I saw the movies, so I knew what was coming. But damn, it still makes me so sad
  9. I hate that they downplay her deafness after the explosion
    Such a big part of the book. Basically glossed over with a little white noise :-(
  10. That shot of her walking away from rue, looking up and giving the salute …
    Magical. She's lighting that spark!!!
  11. President Snow makes my stomach turn
    This role has made me hate Donald Sutherland. Maybe even kiefer by association
  12. I'm team Peeta
    I never really cared for gale in the first book or movie. I dunno why. But I do feel bad when he sees them kissing on tv while he's hard at work back in district 12
  13. Fox face is adorable
    I like her. I don't know why
  14. Thresh saving Katniss at the "feast" was amazing
    Just this time, 12. For rue!
  15. Oh my god, when she thinks Peeta is dead from the nightlock
    Such emotion. But poor foxface :-(
  16. They really messed up the hybrid mutts
    In the book they were supposed to resemble the fallen victors. In the movie, they're just ugly wolf things
  17. Cato's monologue would be good for auditions
    And it allowed Katniss to take perfect at his hand :-)
  18. They win!!! But of course, the rules change once again
    Sooooo horrible. Imagine the joy they felt, and then they find out they didn't actually win. Ugh.
  19. Aaaaand, never mind! Smart move katniss!
    They have to have a winner :-)
  20. Alas, poor Seneca. :-(
    Damn you, snow!
  21. Aww, there's prim on gale's shoulders
    Poor Peeta. Poor Katniss. Poor everyone. What a great movie
  22. I can't wait til tomorrow!
    Join me in 24 hours or so, for my thoughts on catching fire!