Sadly, I didn't see this in theaters last year. But I'm going to see part 2 tomorrow, so I've been catching up on the series :-) SPOILERS AHEAD sequel to My Thoughts While Rewatching the Hunger Games and My Thoughts While Rewatching the Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  1. Wow. Jennifer Lawrence looks so much older than the first, or even the second film.
  2. Finnick … get yourself together man
  3. Prim is so much older, too'
  4. Awww, Philip Seymour Hoffman 😕
  5. He doesn't look well
  6. Ugh. Snow.
  7. At least he looks weak now.
  8. Stanley Tucci!!
  9. Oh man. Peeta. Mr. Capitol. 🙄
  10. She needs to be the Mockingjay.
  11. She needs to make Snow pay for what he's done
  12. Coin saying no …
  13. Awakened the Mockingjay
  14. Omg Effie.
  15. Cinna is gone. I miss him.
  16. Ahhhh, there's the Katniss I know and love. That Mockingjay outfit 😍
  17. HAYMITCH!!!!!!!😄😄😄🙃🙃
  18. Coin: "And if you're killed?"
  19. Katniss: "Make sure you get it on camera"
  20. Castor and Pollux!
  21. Ugh snow
  22. Amazing speech Katniss made outside the hospital
  23. If we burn … you burn with us!
  24. Aww. She put her head on gales shoulder.
  25. I'm not going to start liking him three movies in
  26. Or will I?
  27. Stanley Tucci!!
  28. Oh good. I don't like gale anymore
  29. Don't badmouth Peeta.
  30. "I'm in pain. That's the only way I can get your attention"
  31. Ouch gale
  32. Are you, are you coming to the tree. Where a dead man called out to his love to flee. Strange things are happening, how stranger would it be if we met at midnight at the hanging tree
  33. They blew up the dam!
  34. Capitol went dark
  35. Ahhh. Peeta warned them.
  36. Omg. Blast doors were closing. That was terrifying
  37. Roses. Disgusting. I hate him
  38. Gale went to save Peeta!
  39. Finally explaining why Snow's breath always smelled like blood. And why he turned the champagne blood red
  40. Oh god. That look on Snow's face when he tells her he knows about the tribute center mission. So snarky
  41. Did I lose them both tonight??
  43. Why did they let them go?
  44. Omg Peeta!
  45. Hijacking - the Capitol turned Peeta against Katniss
  46. Stop Katniss. Where are you going
  47. He'll kill you, Katniss
  48. Today we have freed the victors. Tomorrow … Panem!
  49. Hoorah
  50. Oh wow. What an image to end on!
  51. I can't WAIT for tomorrow
  52. In loving memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman