This is one of the most heartbreaking songs from an album that always breaks my heart. One of the most depressing/perfect moments of my life was seeing Postal Service at the Barclays Center three years ago and swing Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis sing this in front of me. If you don't know, It's sung by ex-lovers (not in real life, just in the song)
  1. Him: Would someone please call a surgeon who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart that you're deserting for better company
    Clearly, he's the one who was broken up with. He wants her to change her mind, he thinks that this approach of making her feel bad will work. Does this ever work, really?
  2. I can't accept that it's over, and I will block the door like a goalie tending the net in the third quarter of a tie game rivalry.
    Bold move. Like Zach Braff at the end of Last Kiss. Standing up for what he believes in. It's like a last second shot from the half court line.
  3. So just say how to make it right and I swear I'll do my best to comply.
    You kinda get the sense that it's too little, too late for him, right? Like, he probably should have been more aware of what she wanted before it came to this.
  4. Tell me am I right to think that there could be nothing better than making you my wife and slowly growing old together.
    Ugh. This is heartbreaking. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He's willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  5. Her: I fear I must interject here. You're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself with these revisions and gaps in history.
    Uh-oh. Clearly she's not buying it. Revisions. Gaps in history? Something bad went down, didn't it?
  6. So let me help you remember. I've made charts and graphs that should finally make it clear. I've prepared a lecture on why I have to leave.
    She is not backing down here. She's definitely passionate about this breakup.
  7. So, please, back away and let me go.
    Sounds like it's over.
  8. Him: I can't, my darling, I love you so …
    He's still trying …
  9. Tell me am I right to think that there could be nothing better than making you my wife and slowly growing old together.
    I can feel the desperate and sadness growing during this chorus
  10. Her: Don't you feed me lies about some idealistic future. Your heart won't heal right if you keep tearing out the sutures.
    Amazing advice. This actually helped me move on after my first relationship ended. It'll never heal if you keep letting it break.
  11. Him: I know that I have made mistakes, and I swear I'll never wrong you again.
    Last shot …
  12. Her: You've got a lure I can't deny, but, you had your chance so say goodbye.
  13. Say goodbye.
    Clear, concise. It's over.