1. It's the night my daughter goes back to her mom's house.
  2. I know she'll be back on Saturday.
  3. And I am lucky that my ex-wife and I get along so well that we are able to split custody exactly 50/50, 3.5 days each
  4. But I miss her the second she leaves.
  5. I hug her super tight and give her a hundred kisses. But it's not enough time. And it's not enough kisses
  6. The rest of the week at work I make picture of her my desktop background on my computer
  7. That way I see her all the time
  8. I also have her picture on my desk.
  9. I look at it and remember why I do the things I do.
  10. And most people love the weekends because it means no work for them. I love it because it means a full day and a half with her.
  11. But at this moment, that feels like an immeasurable amount of time
  12. Feels like I'll never see her again. And hear her tell me stories and all the things she learns about
  13. And I try to stay positive. And I try to not be sad.
  14. Usually Tuesday's are the day I go to bed pretty early. That way, when I wake up, it's only 3 days til I have her back :-)