Zack, Kelly, Lisa, and Screech weren't just the most popular and beautiful kids at Bayside High. They also created a band that would become an international sensation (in zack's dream, anyway). They created dance crazes like "The Sprain". They made wonderful spandex music videos. What was the best song? Worst? Why? Let's see …
  1. Did We Ever Have A Chance?
    8fb45aa0 8b0f 4bb7 9fb2 3cbff5d55827 Now, I know that people will tell me that I should put friends forever first. And yes, in Zack's crazy dream, that song did put them in the spotlight. But this song has deep lyrics, a beautiful melody, and sounds like it was written by people who actually lived in this world, not a bunch of high school students. It's haunting.
  2. School Song
    74dabd57 0099 40c5 b1d0 2dbe8fd918e1 I'm not gonna lie, I did own the saved by the bell soundtrack when I was in high school. And this song played over and over again my senior year. Right alongside Macy Gray's I try, and vitamin C's graduation song, this one really hit home in the year 2000. It made me miss my friends before I even left him. Now, 15 years after I graduated, I don't really remember their names anymore.
  3. Friends Forever
    D4abe0a9 1b4f 49e0 9709 eea20da88517 This catchy ditty is not a bad song. The message is wonderful. It would be nice to stay friends forever. I guess I've just become jaded. I know that that's not the way the world works. Although, I'd like to believe that Zach, Kelly, screech, Jesse, Slater, and Lisa all did stay friends forever.
  4. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    E91b6e13 3047 42e5 8b5e 842c80cc3800 Yes, I know that this is a cover of the beautiful Michael Bolton song. But, I'm including it on this list because it is sung during one of the most iconic scenes of the series. During Zack and Kelly's break up, as they're outside of the dance, there were Jessie and Slater in their costumes inside singing their hearts out.
  5. Cool School
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    I like to think that Zack's song would have won the glee competition if his "friends" didn't make him drink pure lemon extract and sing "a bippy boo". It was rockin, Mr. Belding loved it, and it really summed up going to school in Los Angeles, I would imagine.
  6. Put Your Mind To It
    Ab5120c8 72d7 46ac b941 45bb7f51e7e5 Ah yes, the hot sundaes. Jessie, Lisa, and Kelly dancing in their spandex and 90s outfits. This song is catchy enough, but the video really sells it.
  7. Make My Day
    4bb8e4ae cb93 46c1 b9fd c8adb51c4d08 By far the worst Zack attack song ever created. And I believe it was made right during the middle of their turmoil. I'm pretty sure they have the press conference right after that tore the band apart.
  8. Bayside My Home
    6bdc473b b7d4 4ec0 b46d 04091d1a4f4c Seriously screech? I know you're a nerd, and I know that you have to maintain that nerd persona. But the song is ridiculous. And it bugs me that all the cool kids in the locker room start snapping her fingers through it, and everyone in the hallway starts to come together. No one in high school wants their school song to be set to the melody of home on the range.
  9. Honorable Mention: College Years Theme Song
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    I started the seventh grade of the year that the college years was on. And although I was nowhere near college, I was starting junior high. I was also "standing at the edge of tomorrow." It was all up to me how far I went.