Inspired by @ListPrompts … it's hard in the dating world. After going through divorce, even though it's amicable, it left me wondering what I would hope for in my next relationship. Here's a list …
  1. Kindness
    More than anything, I want to find someone who is nice to me. I don't mind messing around with each other every now and then, but I really want to be with someone who doesn't mock the things I love, even if they're different (like these things Things I'm Not Ashamed to Admit )
  2. Sincerity
    I want someone to look at me and be able to be completely sincere and honest with me. No secrets. No lies. No hiding the truth to spare my feelings. It only hurts more when you can't hide it anymore and I have no idea why things aren't working out
  3. Genuinely likes my daughter and other kids
    While the other things on this list have some wiggle room, This one is non-negotiable. My daughter comes first. She means the world to me. I am able to love her and still be in a relationship. They're not mutually exclusive.
  4. Understanding
    I have anxiety. I'm not always okay. It's been an issue before. I take anti anxiety and anti depressants, and I try as hard as I can to not let it affect my relationships. I would love someone who can keep me grounded and help me come out feeling okay.
  5. Disney lover
    I don't expect to find someone who loves it as much as I do. But she can't hate it. Or think it's childish. It won't work. It's my hobby. It's kinda my obsession
  6. An old soul
    I'm not saying I'm boring, but someone who would rather spend some time doing puzzles, watching Netflix, and scrapbooking together more often than not would be amazing.
  7. Great sense of humor
    Extremely important. I'm funny. I can make people laugh and I love laughing. It's often how I cope with life.
  8. Mature
    I'm in my 30s now. Im ready to settle down. Be adults. But …
  9. A childlike sense of wonder
    This is so much of who I am, and I would love someone who gets as excited as I do about little things. Dessert at a restaurant! The movies! Pumpkin picking! A new book!! A trip to the outlets! A celebrity sighting!!!
  10. Similar values
    I don't do drugs. I couldn't be with someone who does. I don't drink very often. I'm okay with being with someone who does, but not who plans their days around being wasted. And I lean left. Very left. I'm not a big fan of the right. I would love to have the same political beliefs as I do, but if someone was conservative, I wouldn't automatically say it won't work out. We'd just have to either not discuss politics or be okay with lively debate :-)