Reliving my 8th/9th grade days 20 years later!
  1. I'll be seeing Dave Matthews Band twice
    This isn't that odd … it'll be my 39th and 40th dmb show
  2. I'll be seeing Weezer!!
    First time seeing them … super excited. Panic! At The Disco should be okay too
  3. I'll be seeing Counting Crows co-headline with Rob Thomas
    Hugely excited to see them. Counting Crows and mb20 got me through some tough times in high school
  4. The thing is, I always wanted to see these guys in concert and have had bad luck each time.
  5. In 2008, matchbox20 was playing at MSG on Valentine's Day. I wanted to go, and I was going to try to being my best friend, that I was madly in love with, who loves mb20. But, her boyfriend wasn't willing to give up Valentine's Day to the best friend. It's okay though. I married her. But then again, now we're divorcing. Life is weird
  6. Weezer was playing at a little venue 20 minutes from my house in 2014. I wanted to go. I was so excited. Unable to get tickets, even on stubhub, unless i paid hundreds of dollars.
  7. Counting Crows played at a small amphitheater near me last summer. I wanted to go. My boss refused to give me the night off. So glad I don't work there anymore!
  8. So, those non-dmb bands that I've lived for literally over 20 years … I thought I missed my chance to see them!
  9. Thank goodness for 90s nostalgia keeping them relevant long enough for me to get the chance!!